Cat Food:

FirstMate Pet Foods – Committed to Quality

Since 1989, FirstMate has manufactured top quality dog, cat and fish food formulas. FirstMate is proud to own and operate its own manufacturing facility located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Operating its own facility gives FirstMate complete product and quality control. The manufacturing facility is regularly inspected and approved by the appropriate government bodies for Canada, the United States and the European Union.

FirstMate uses regionally sourced ingredients to formulate its diets with the exception of our lamb which comes from Australia.

First in Grain Free!

FirstMate was the first company to introduce a Grain Free formula to pet speciality in 1995! The Pacific Ocean Fish (formerly Potato & Fish) diet has since expanded into a variety of life stages. The Grain Free product line now includes the Chicken with Blueberries, Australian Lamb and Fish & Potato with Blueberries (cat) formulas.

FirstMate Grain Free cat formula – Uniquely Different

FirstMate’s Grain Free cat formula is truly unique in the marketplace. FirstMate formulates a 100% nutritionally complete diet using only one protein and one carbohydrate
source. This simple approach to nutrition presents an increased level of product digestibility while reducing bodily stress and the likelihood of an allergic or negative reaction.

FirstMate uses proven, traditional levels of protein and fat to ensure healthy filtration through your pet’s liver and kidneys. These levels have been market tested for over 50 years with continuously positive results.

FirstMate Grain Free formulas are ideal for maintenance feeding but additionally can be used for animals with digestive concerns, allergies or for customers that wish to rotationally feed.

FirstMate Classic – Corn and Wheat Free

FirstMate’s Classic formulas use Chicken, Herring and a combination of wholesome, digestible grains to complete this top quality diet line. In addition, a mix of antioxidants from blueberries, cranberries and raspberries has been added to help promote a healthy immune system, eyesight and memory function.